AiFi startup introduces automatic payment for goods in stores

AiFi, a member of the NVIDIA Inception accelerator, has started implementing its technology for automatic payment of goods in stores around the world. Recognition of goods by cameras in stores allows you to automatically deduct the purchase amount from customers ‘ cards and get data about their habits.

Automatic payment in stores with thousands of products is a time-consuming task. However, AiFi, which has been developing recognition technology for five years, managed to achieve 99% recognition accuracy. Today, the company’s technologies are used in more than 15 stores. In addition to automatic payment, the recognition technology allows you to analyze customer purchases at a level comparable to e-commerce, without having to buy expensive sensors and RFID tags.

AiFi helped the Choice Market grocery chain increase sales at one of its stores in Denver by 20%. 60% of customers who tried automatic payment used it again within a month. The computer vision system works together with traditional cash registers for payment. At the Indy500 auto race, the Penske Entertainment store allowed fans to buy food, drinks and goods using the app. In the UK, the fourth largest supermarket, Morrisons, is working with AiFi to test a cashless payment system.

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