IBM Telum chip will help fight financial fraud

IBM has introduced Telum chips aimed at accelerating machine learning models. With the help of chips, it will be possible to perform tasks such as ultra-fast processing of bank transactions and automatic fraud detection in real time.

The chip contains 8 processor cores with deep superscalar extraordinary execution of machine instructions. The processor clock frequency exceeds 5 GHz. The caching infrastructure developed from scratch provides 32 MB of cache memory per core and supports scaling up to 32 Telum chips. The design of the two-chip module contains 22 billion transistors and 27 km of inter-element connections on 17 metal layers.

The processor is intended for use by corporations that carry out financial transactions with customers: banks, retail chains and insurance companies. The chip allows you to process transactions in a streaming mode and detect fraud cases.

The chip is built on the basis of a 7-nm EUV process technology developed by Samsung. The demonstration of the first device using Telum is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

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