The Table app determines the mood of cats by photos

Company, which produces AI-based products to improve animal health, has introduced Tably – a free web application that allows you to determine how a cat feels from a photo. The authors of the application claim that regular use of Tably allows you to detect diseases in pets.

It is often difficult for cat owners to determine their well-being: unlike dogs, cats do not express emotions when they experience pain. Developers It is claimed that Tably gives users a deep understanding of the mood and general health of their pets. The user needs to take a picture of the cat’s face so that it fits completely into the frame in the place with the ears. After processing, the application shows the cat’s mood and the percentage of accuracy of the result.

The neural network works on the basis of the cat grimace scale developed by the University of Montreal in 2019. This scale takes into account such characteristics as the position of the ears and whiskers, as well as the tilt and tension of the muzzle. Such features are excellent for training neural networks. If Tably predicts a cat’s” bad ” mood for several days, it will offer to take the animal to the veterinarian.

The application is available at the link.

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