Dream: an application for creating stylized images

wombo dream

Dream is a free application that generates stylized images based on a brief description and the selected style. The app is available on iOS and Android, as well as as a web application.

Models that convert text into an image are not new: these include, for example, DALL-E and VQGAN+CLIP developed for scientific purposes, as well as more specialized commercial models such as Artbreeder. A feature of Dream is the high speed of work, the ability to choose the image style and its accessibility.

The application is developed by the Canadian startup Wombo. Previously, the company developed an application for creating lipsinks based on static images of people, in which face animation is generated, the facial expressions and the position of the mouth of which are synchronized with the lyrics of famous songs.

Currently, Dream supports such image styles as “mystical”, “psychedelic”, “steampunk” and others.

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