Google is Testing an App for People with Speech Disorders

Google invites people with speech disorders to join the testing of the Android application Project Relate. The application is aimed at simplifying the communication of people with stroke, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, and other diseases.

The Relate project was made possible thanks to more than a million speech samples recorded by volunteers with speech disorders. Google is now looking for English-speaking testers to try out the app.

Testers will be asked to write down a set of phrases that the application will use to automatically learn to better understand personal speech features. The application consists of three main components: listening, repetition, and assistant.

  • Listening: Relate converts speech into text in real-time, so that it can then be copied and pasted into other applications or let people read what the user wants to tell them.
  • Repeat: Relate will repeat what was said in a clear synthesized voice. The function is suggested to be used during conversations or to give a command to an AI assistant.
  • Assistant: Communicate with Google’s AI assistant directly from the Relate app to perform tasks such as turning on lights or controlling music.
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