• 6 innovative artificial intelligence applications according to Forbes

    According to statistics from PricewaterhouseCoopers, more than 90% of American companies consider artificial intelligence to be a key technology for business development. Experts of the American Forbes presented a list of the most innovative examples of the use of artificial intelligence, which they encountered in their work.

    1. Providing assistance to people with disabilities, namely the development of software that allows people with disabilities to work fully.
    2. Automated resolution of frequent customer requests, including the use of chatbots that offer answers based on artificial intelligence.
    3. Reducing bias in hiring decisions. One example is software that removes personal data that allows you to identify the identity, gender and age of the candidate from the materials of the application for employment.
    4. Automated advertising offers. Advertising such as “those who bought this product also bought this”, which is actively used by online stores, shows record high performance indicators.
    5. Creating coaching systems. The youngest direction: companies create systems that give advice and provide recommendations on business strategies.
    6. Ensuring the possibility of early detection of diseases. For example, the detection of Parkinson’s disease based on the fluctuations of the patient’s body when performing a sequence of movements measured by a smartphone.
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