AI-powered App Helps People with Autism Improve Social Skills

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending topics in today’s date. We have witnessed a remarkable progress in the past decade and we can say that AI is transforming our world. Data scientists and engineers develop AI applications and solutions which can handle increasingly complex problems, many of which are helping to bridge the digital divide and create an inclusive society.

Brain Power, a company founded with the idea to address autism through a heads-up wearable computer (like Google Glass), released a range of apps that produce quick insights for the children with autism, their parents and teachers.

ai powered app autism

Their mission is “to build systems that empower children and adults all along the autism spectrum to teach themselves practical life skills, and assess their progress numerically”.

A new one in the series of apps called Emotion Charades is monitoring and measuring anxiety levels of children using GoogleGlass and AI. The person with autism sees an emoji floating on either side of someone’s face, then tilts their head to choose the one that matches the facial expression. The software monitors children’s activity and body language while playing. Then, the data is uploaded to the cloud where AI is used to give insights and quick feedback.

Brain Power’s Emotion Charades app.

Behind Emotion Charades, as well as any other product of Brain Power there is extensive research, rigorous product and clinical testing, and acceptance by families and practitioners. Brain Power’s technology has had positive feedback from people on the spectrum, parents, and professionals; and is validated through published research and clinical trials.

In 2018 the US’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined that approximately 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For people with autism, technology can mean improved communication abilities and interaction skills. Therefore, it is of crucial importance, to use new technologies to offer help for people with autism to achieve their full potential and build an inclusive society.

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