• Applying deep learning in productivity applications

    The article provides an overview of productivity-enhancing applications based on deep learning that allow you to automatically transcribe online meetings, edit texts, manage sleep quality and solve other tasks.

    1. Otter.ai

    Otter.ai — virtual assistant for online meetings. The service can be used with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and other services. Otter.ai automatically records meetings, transcribes them with speaker identification, sets timestamps and allows you to work with meeting records (for example, insert comments and create notes). The service is free for individuals.

    2. Brain.fm

    Brain.FM generates an endless audio track for the user, aimed at increasing concentration and concentration during work. Audio recordings are never repeated. The app also creates playlists for preparing for bed and meditation.

    3. Timely

    The app tracks how time is spent on various devices, and provides a summary report with the results.

    4. Grammarly

    The application corrects grammatical and spelling errors in texts. Grammarly integrates into a browser and a text editor (for example, Google Docs), and is also available through a web application. Grammarly can offer substitutions in the text aimed at improving the tone, readability and fascination of the text.

    5. Futurenda

    Futurenda uses artificial intelligence to plan tasks and create calendar plans. The application offers the time at which a particular task can be completed, allowing you to adjust and optimize plans.

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