Speech Processing Technologies Allow Identifying Mental Disorders

Startup Ellipsis Health uses natural language processing algorithms to detect mental disorders. The model analyzes the user’s answers to several questions and his voice for signs of stress, depression and anxiety.

Speech analysis is becoming an increasingly common tool for assessing the state of health. In particular, its use has already been demonstrated to identify people with a high risk of heart failure. Earlier, the Vocalis Health startup presented the COVID-19 test, which determines the presence of the disease with an accuracy of 81.2% of cases by speech.

Ellipsis Health offers to integrate its software into digital platforms of medical service providers for self-assessment of the psychological state of the user, regular checks by health departments to identify people at risk, as well as employers to monitor the condition of their employees.

The tool, which can be embedded in a mobile application, asks questions to the user and records his answers within a minute. Based on the results of the work, the model evaluates the need for a visit to a psychologist. The assessment of the psychological state can also be used by those who are already visiting a specialist to study the positive effects of therapy.

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