Vistry: AI-driven fast-food operation optimization

The Vistry startup has developed a comprehensive system based on deep learning that optimizes the operation of catering establishments. Vistry accepts orders using voice recognition, tracks the freshness of products and redistributes the load in the workshops in real time.

Recently, there has been a shortage of labor in the United States with a growing demand for delivery and pickup. To solve this problem, Vistry has created an automated solution for receiving and processing orders. It uses natural language processing technologies, as well as speech recognition and recommendation systems to accept orders faster and more accurately and increase the relevance of personalized offers.

The system is based on the NVIDIA Riva speech processing platform and NVIDIA Metropolis computer vision technology. The Vistry solution increases the passability of catering outlets and the accuracy of estimating the order readiness time.

In addition, restaurant managers get access to the Vixry analytical platform, which tracks metrics and congestion of food outlets in real time.

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