“Deepdub Go” Empowers Content Creators with AI for Video Dubbing

ai for video dubbing - neural network based service

Israeli startup Deepdub has unveiled its groundbreaking service, Deepdub Go, which utilizes AI for dubbing to automatically dub videos in 65 languages. This innovative platform targets game development studios, advertising agencies, online learning platforms, and content creators looking to significantly enhance the accessibility of their videos.

Deepdub Go streamlines the dubbing process by seamlessly integrating automatic transcription, translation, voice generation, and audio mixing. What sets Deepdub Go apart is its AI-powered contextual understanding of the original audio track. Firstly, it accurately reproduces the emotions of the speaker during the dubbing process. Secondly, it ensures the translation of jokes and idioms is both accurate and natural.

With Deepdub Go, users have the ability to clone the voices of real people for dubbing purposes. Additionally, the platform offers advanced features such as controlling speech duration and word count to achieve automatic synchronization with lip movements.

The user-friendly Deepdub Go platform allows users to effortlessly upload their videos, select the desired video style and target languages. The neural network behind Deepdub Go then translates the video, and after a short processing time, the dubbed videos are ready for download. For seamless integration, Deepdub Go also provides an API that can be integrated with existing audio and video content processing tools.

Previously, Deepdub products were exclusively available to professional Hollywood studios. However, with the advent of Deepdub Go, movies dubbed using Deepdub’s AI for dubbing technology are already being successfully streamed on popular platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

By leveraging the power of AI for dubbing, Deepdub Go is transforming the video dubbing landscape, offering an efficient and accessible solution for content creators in various industries.

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