OpenAI Releases Code Interpreter Plugin, Significantly Expanding ChatGPT’s Capabilities

openai chatgpt code interpreter

The Code Interpreter plugin for ChatGPT is now available in beta mode for all users with a paid subscription. Code Interpreter not only works with code but also enables data analysis, graphing, image processing, and game development based on uploaded files, all within a single interface. Let’s explore the 10 unique features that this plugin brings to ChatGPT.

Data Visualization

Code Interpreter allows easy creation of data visualizations such as line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots, histograms, and heat maps. Simply upload data in .csv or .xls format and ask ChatGPT to generate visualizations.

Creating Simple Games

With Code Interpreter, users can create simple games within minutes. Simply upload game assets and describe the type of game you want to create. Free graphics and sounds for game development can be found on the Unity Asset Store and Open Game Art.

Converting GIF to MP4

Code Interpreter for ChatGPT allows easy conversion of GIF files to the MP4 format, enabling the creation of longer MP4 files from short GIF animations.

Image Processing

The plugin adds image processing capabilities to ChatGPT. It allows resizing, cropping, converting, enhancing resolution, adjusting brightness and contrast, extracting metadata, calculating aspect ratios, comparing images, changing color schemes, and analyzing the texture of uploaded images.

Technical Analysis with Code Interpreter

Technical analysis of market charts has been greatly simplified. ChatGPT can analyze charts, generate price movement forecasts, develop hypotheses, or provide conclusions, which is useful for traders and market analysts.

Discovering Insights in Data

The plugin can find insights in data and visualize them after preprocessing.

Creating HTML Websites

Create fully functional HTML websites based on provided data. By inputting raw data, you can obtain a ready-to-use HTML website with visualizations.

Music Preference Analysis

Analyze Spotify playlists and draw conclusions about your music preferences.

Text Recognition in Images

The plugin is capable of recognizing text in images and converting it into a text file. This is useful for extracting textual information from PDF scans and photographs.

Detailed Analysis of Unstructured Data

Draw conclusions based on unstructured and raw data. Upload a text file or table and receive a structured document with insights.

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