Sony patented AI assistant for computer games

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Sony has patented artificial intelligence (AI) for controlling game characters. The AI ​​assistant can imitate the gameplay style of the particular human player.

Why is it needed

At first glance, it may seem strange to assume that gamers need an assistant who can play for them. However, Sony believes that such an AI-based assistant will be useful for players to perform certain in-game tasks.

For example, these tasks may be difficult for the user, or perhaps the user wants to avoid unnecessary routines. In any case, a patented system allows an AI character to play certain parts of the game, where it effectively mimics the person’s play style.

In addition, certain gameplay parts may be challenging for people with disabilities. The AI ​​will also benefit these people by taking control for a short time and allowing them to enjoy the rest of the game.

More on the implementation

Sony’s AI observes people playing and then creates gameplay profiles based on their playstyle. This is to make players feel comfortable allowing the AI ​​to complete game tasks in both single and multiplayer modes.

Interestingly, the patented AI system will be able to evolve on its own. In the documentation example, the AI ​​character might get stuck while performing a task. In such a case, the AI ​​can automatically find help. For example, it can look at online guides and eventually complete the task.

For those who consider such interference to be cheating, the AI ​​may only offer hints during the game. Sony has tried to make AI a useful assistant, not someone who takes control from the gamer and plays instead of him.

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