Sketch to Image AI: Transforming Sketches into Detailed Drawings

нейросеть превращает наброски в рисунки

Stability AI presents Stable Doodle, an advanced neural network that utilizes Sketch-to-Image AI technology. With Stable Doodle, users can effortlessly convert sketches into highly detailed and realistic drawings. Discover how this powerful AI tool revolutionizes the creative process. By providing a detailed sketch, a brief hint, and selecting a preferred style, users can optimize the outcome. Explore various styles, including realism, pixel art, cinematic, anime, fantasy, comics, and more.

Maximizing the Benefits of Sketch to Image AI

Harness the power of Sketch to Image AI to effortlessly transform your sketches into stunning, lifelike drawings. By providing a detailed sketch, a concise hint, and specifying your desired style, you can maximize the benefits of this AI technology.

stable doodle image
Hint: Living room, ‘Comic Book’ Style

For optimal results, provide a detailed sketch and hint. However, even with a simple sketch and hint, Stable Doodle’s Sketch to Image AI capabilities deliver impressive outcomes. Take a look at these examples:

neural network drawing with sketch
Stable Doodle Generation Result. Sketch and Hint: “A small wooden house near the lake”
stable diffusion SDXL result
Stable Diffusion Model Generation Result. Hint: “A small wooden house near the lake”

Stable Doodle: The Fusion of Stable Diffusion XL and T2I-Adapter

Stable Doodle combines the power of Stable Diffusion SDXL and T2I-Adapter, a cutting-edge framework developed by Tencent. T2I-Adapter allows additional conditions, such as sketches, segmentation maps, or key poses, to be input into the Stable Diffusion SDXL model. This architecture ensures precise control over the image generation process.

Stable doodle T2I Adapter
Stable Doodle understands sketch contours and creates remarkable images based on combined hints and contours. Experience the transformative power of Stable Doodle for your artistic endeavors.

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