Hiber3D Integration with Google PaLM: A Game-Changer for Metaverse Creators

Hiber3D creating metaverses with LLM

Hiber, a company specializing in tools for creating metaverses, has announced its integration with Google PaLM. The update of Hiber3D will empower users to create and modify 3D scenes using natural language queries.

Through Hiber’s no-code products, more than five million 3D universes have already been created at the heart of the HiberWorld user content. This update is the result of collaboration between Hiber, Datatonic, and Google Cloud, promising users a significant acceleration in the process of crafting new metaverses. This tool serves as a complement to existing metaverse creator products and will be accessible through a web browser.

With the help of a chatbot, users can generate metaverses based on one or two-sentence queries and subsequently add and modify static and moving objects, colors, sizes, textures, and other properties within them.

The technical implementation of this product utilizes Google’s cloud services. In the future, the company plans to expand its integration with PaLM, incorporating a second pilot’s functionality that will provide metaverse creators with recommendations for enhancing the user experience.

Hiber3D will be offered for free and will be available to users within the next few months. You can sign up for the beta testing at this link.

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