The computer vision system monitors the freshness of products

The American grocery store chain Albertsons has implemented a system for monitoring the freshness of products based on computer vision. The system works in real time in warehouses and stores of the network, allowing you to reduce the amount of waste.

Albertsons owns stores and pharmacies in 34 states of America. The goal of the network is to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030. In addition, the network aims to reduce the carbon footprint due to suboptimal logistics associated with the spoilage of transported vegetables and fruits.

Albertsons has implemented the Afresh Technologies solution, a system that predicts the freshness of products and optimizes their supply volumes based on forecasts. Founded in 2017 with the aim of eliminating food waste and increasing the availability of fresh products, Afresh operates 3,000 stores in 40 American states.

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