Hugging Face and Pollen Robotics Introduce Reachy2 – an Open-Source Robot for Household Tasks

Hugging Face and Pollen Robotics unveiled the anthropomorphic robot Reachy2, whose training dataset and model are open-source. Reachy2 performs household tasks and interacts safely with people and pets.

Pollen Robotics develops open-source technologies for real-world applications. In 2013, they introduced Poppy, a 3D-printed robot designed for research purposes.

Reachy2’s creation involved a new training process where initially a human controls the robot remotely using a virtual reality headset. Then, the model trains on the resulting videos. The training utilized 50 video clips, each lasting about 15 seconds.

After 40,000 training iterations, Reachy2 learned to pick up an apple, hand it to a person, and return to its original position. After 60,000 iterations, it could arrange cups on a tray. The robot features manipulators with 7 degrees of freedom and each can lift up to 3 kg.

The robot will be available for purchase soon. The dataset with videos and the model are published on Hugging Face.

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