Pika 1.0: A Web Platform for Video Generation


Pika Labs startup has launched Pika 1.0 – a free web platform for generating and editing videos using text-based queries. The service creates both realistic videos and 3D animation in various styles.

When creating videos, the tool provides a range of options, including the ability to select frame rates (from 8 to 24 frames per second) and aspect ratios. Users can adjust the camera tilt and angle of view, as well as the speed of object movement.

After generation, the resulting video can be modified either by refining the original query or by applying new queries. For example, users can alter a specific area of the clip by adding new objects or changing the properties of existing ones, as well as adjusting the aspect ratio. The tool can add four more seconds to the created clip or enhance its quality.

Processing time for one query takes about a minute. The default duration of the generated video is 3 seconds. In addition to text queries, the service can accept a combination of text and images or text and videos: this allows to “animate” images or edit existing clips.

To access Pika, registration through Google or Discord and joining a waiting list is required. You can do this by following this link.

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