Mabl: Mobile App Testing Made Easy with AI

mabl testing

Mabl, the testing automation platform, has announced the launch of its AI-powered service for mobile app testing. With this service, developers can create tests for iOS and Android apps covering all key types of checks in just minutes.

Despite the need for extensive testing across devices and operating systems, most mobile app development teams rely on manual testing in their quality assurance strategies. Manual testing is often slow, not easily scalable, and fails to provide a complete picture of API quality, performance, and accessibility.

In 2018, Mabl introduced an automated solution for testing browser applications, which expanded in 2022 to include API testing and specialized capabilities, and in 2023 to cover performance testing. The extension to mobile applications was achieved through a combination of ML methods, generative models, and computer vision. The new functionality is seamlessly integrated into the existing platform, allowing corporate clients to centrally manage their API, web, and mobile app testing strategies.

The service significantly speeds up manual testing, test automation, and identification of gaps in test coverage. Additionally, Mabl enables solving most testing tasks for professionals with minimal experience. According to the company, this addresses several issues, including the deployment of complex, fragmented, and costly testing automation tools.

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