• Ecrett Music: AI-powered Music Generator for Video Soundtracks

    ecrett music

    Ecrett Music is a new online tool that offers AI-created music for backing tracks for videos. The new tool is the latest venture of Japanese entrepreneur Daigo Kusunoki. It was developed by a diverse team consisting of musicians, composers, designers, and engineers.

    Ecrett Music is utilizing AI in an interesting and innovative way. The AI-powered tool is able to generate unique compositions for any kind of videos. Video-creators can simply choose a category (e.g. workout, travel, cooking), mood (happy, chill, sad etc) and length, and have a soundtrack created for whatever video footage they have uploaded. Then they can tweak the results, changing instruments and timings to fit the uploaded video.

    Currently, the tool is available with two pricing options: $5 a month for individuals and small businesses, and $9.99 a month for larger businesses. Users can generate as many tracks as they want, but they do not have the rights to sell or redistribute the generated music tracks.

    The resulting soundtracks are quite generic but still good enough to be used as video background tracks. This tool can save a lot of time spent on looking for the “perfect” track for a video. Ecrett Music can currently generate between 500,000 and 1,000,000 unique compositions per month.

    The tool is available at here and users can get 1-month free trial.