Shopping Muse: Mastercard’s Recommender System

Mastercard has unveiled Shopping Muse, a chatbot-format module for online stores that recommends products to shoppers based on their purchase and search history, region, and other factors.

Operating on the Dynamic Yield platform, acquired by Mastercard from McDonald’s in April 2022, Shopping Muse assists over 400 brands in delivering personalized offers, product recommendations, and content.

Specifically tailored for clothing retailers, the tool considers a shopper’s trend-following inclination, style, and workplace dress code. Shopping Muse analyzes a store’s inventory, including the use of computer vision, enabling it to suggest visually similar products even if they fall into different categories.

Taking into account a shopper’s browsing and transaction history, Shopping Muse aims to better assess the likelihood of a future purchase. The tool also recommends complementary products, avoiding redundancy, based on a consumer’s attachment to a specific item and the frequency of purchasing certain products.

Mastercard claims that integrating an online store with Shopping Muse can increase conversion rates, average order value, basket size, and reduce return rates. In testing, Shopping Muse proved most effective for online stores specializing in clothing and furniture.

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